Sunday, March 6, 2011

WGTB goes to Camden Market!

This past Sunday, WGTB blogger Mark, continued his quest for "buy-low/sell-high" comic-related collectibles. This time it was to Camden Market in London, UK!

Camden Market is one of the busiest tourist destinations in London, and this crisp Sunday in March was no exception. From Camden Town high street stores, to small kiosks nestled in what were once horse stables, surprises abound in this amazing place.

The market is also a centre of London counter-culture and there is a wide assortment of merchants who cater to this type of customer. C-C focused stores include bomber jacket-filled surplus depots, cd/vinyl booths, vintage and retro clothing stores, and book/poster/print places too. There also seems to be a competition to see who has the coolest artwork on the store-front facades. Here are some notable examples, including a major Doc Martens retailer.

Unfortunately, the only pile of comics I found didn't have anything exceptional. I bought four cheap 70s era British war comics, but the market didn't have any hidden gold, silver or bronze age gems that had somehow slipped through the cracks (who was I kidding?!?). Indeed, most American comics were horribly overpriced, and have probably been sitting there since the mid 90s when people would buy DC Zero Hour #3 for £6. The photo below is of the only pile I found. Notice the Marvel Secret Wars playset in the lower right-hand corner. Pretty cool, albeit overpriced.

That brief negativity aside, it was a great day and the art and atmosphere of the place was well worth the bus trip. If you're ever in London and looking for something neat to see, check out the Camden Market. You probably won't find an Action Comics #1, but you'll enjoy yourself and see some cool stuff none-the-less.

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  1. Camden market looks like a very unique area of the city to visit. I could see myself exploring all of the tiny shops on or off the main drag and finding that priceless item. Most defiantly on my "to do list" next time I visit London. Thanks for the insight!