Sunday, March 27, 2011

April 2011 Comics-related Events (London)

Attention WGTB readers in London, UK!

This past week WGTB discovered two April events that might be of interest to those looking for comic-related activities in this great city. On Thursday April 7th (from 7-11 pm) the Resistance Gallery (near Bethal Green tube station) is hosting a tribute art auction to Jack "The King" Kirby. As I'm a huge Kirby fan, this isn't something I'd miss. Below is the promotional flier and I've attached the link above. My apologies for the photo reflections.

Also, prospective comic artists and creators in the UK should have some material ready and pay a visit to the
Cartoon Museum (near the British Museum and Tottenham Court Road station) on Friday April 8th. The museum is hosting Marvel Comics writer and editor C.D. Cebulski who has crossed the pond to scout for talent. Who knows, this might be your big break? The flyer is posted below and if you see a handsome fellow walking with an aluminum cane, at the event, that's your humble blogger so please say 'hello'. I hope Marvel needs new writers too!

If you know of any comic or science-fiction-related events or locations and would like to promote them, please contact WGTB or post them on the comments space below.

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