Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Female Thor?

I say bring it on! 

Thor comics have never been so much about the man as they're about Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Remember Beta Ray Bill? If not, Bill first appeared in Thor #337 and was a horse-faced alien created by long-time Thor scribe and artist Walt Simonson. Simonson's goal in making Bill 'ugly' was deliberate: he wanted the reader to first think of him as a villain. Then, after lifting Mjolnir, all physical superficiality would be cast aside and a true heroic spirit emerge. It worked and Beta Ray Bill remains a lasting character in Marvel's pantheon to this day.

Thor image taken from the Marvel website. This image is drawn by Esad Ribic.  
Anyone who is worthy of wielding Mjolnir should wield it, regardless if they're alien, human or god. So I think it's great that Marvel has decided to mix things up and with Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman at the helm of this book, we should all be looking forward to it. 

Cover of Marvel's Thor #337 (November 1983) featuring Beta Ray Bill.

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