Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday, Superman!

Seventy-five years ago today, Action Comics #1 was released by National Allied Publications, one part of the company that would eventually become DC Comics. This fine magazine, an effort by Toronto-born artist Joe Shuster and Clevelander Jerry Seigel, was the culmination of a collaboratory friendship that began while both lads attended Glenville High School in eastern Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 

Cover of National Allied Publication's Action Comics #1 (April 1938)
To say Action Comics #1 made an impact on pop culture in both the United States and the Western world is an understatement. This book started a wave of superhero comics that would eventually sell in the millions and become the Golden Age of comic books. From there, Superman and both his heroic associates and villainous competitors would go on to star in a plethora of stories, cross over into other mediums and bring us a deluge of exciting entertainment. Superman is still a big seller at the comic shops today, and if this film trailer is any indication, he will continue to thrill and inspire us for years to come.  

Superman talks to the people of planet Earth in DC Comics' Superman For Earth (1991)
Happy Birthday, Superman! Thanks for looking after us all these years!

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