Sunday, November 25, 2012

WGTB Reviews Journey Into Mystery #646

My first encounter with Kathryn Immonen’s writing came with Heralds, the five-part miniseries Marvel released in August 2010. What I gathered from this mini is that Immonen is both a quality writer and very good at writing strong female characters. Because of this, when it was announced she would be taking over a re-focused Journey into Mystery with the Lady Sif in the lead role my attention was grabbed. 
Marvel's Journey Into Mystery #646 (January 2013) Written by Kathryn Immonen with art by Valerio Schiti, colour art by Jordie Bellaire, letters & production by VC's Clayton Cowles, cover art by Jeff Dekal. Edited by Lauren Sankovitch. PRICE: $2.99
Immediately upon arriving at the shop on Wednesday, my local proprietor recommended the book to both me and others in the store. I was intent upon reading it already, but when I did, I came across a story that starts with Sif helping out her fellow Asgardian civilians before moving on to a quest to find the skills and talismans that it takes to be a great warrior. There was a little violence too. 

Sif seeks to learn in Journey Into Mystery #646 (January 2013)
There is a vastness and energy to the writing that gives this comic a real sense of impending adventure and it should play well as Journey progresses. The book was also loaded interesting and funny in-jokes (with great one on the opening splash) and the subtle reference to my favourite writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, further made the book endearing to me. This tells me that careful attention has been taken to crafting this book and it's a good thing to see.  

Can you spot the Tolkien reference?
With regard to the art, frankly, I'd never seen any of Italian Valerio Schiti's work before this book, but so far I think it's fairly good. With a welcoming blend of realism and fantasy, it captures the essence of this book very well and because of that makes it a fun read. Because of that, this abridged and quick review gives Journey into Mystery #646 4/5 STARS. 

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