Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The New DC Comics logo

I’m not sure. 

Part of me really likes it. It’s clean and modern, giving DC a mature look that should appeal to older readers. On the other hand, it doesn’t much look like a comic logo and that takes something emotionally from the corporate representation. So, sorry, if you’re looking for an opinion I can't yet offer one -- and will probably have to see it on Swamp Thing or Batman to really make the call.  

But let me know what you think. I'm not that conversant in the methods behind corporate logos, so please share your opinion. 

NB: I'll be back with some new blog postings soon -- including one I'm currently researching about copyright law and comics, along with the usual reviews, etc. Thanks for reading (and following!) and I will talk to you soon.


  1. it sucks, there's no part of me that likes it. it looks like a logo more befitting a government agency then a comic book company.

  2. DC Comics is a RAS syndrome(redundant acronym syndrome syndrome)