Thursday, December 8, 2011

Banksy Around Islington

I know, I know, Banksy art isn’t really about comic books. But it is about art, and art in an integral part of comics. So here you go -- some Banksy’s from around the London Borough of Islington, the little slice of London I call home. And in case you’re not overly familiar with Banksy, here’s a link to more information. Enjoy!
These two are located on Windsor Street off Essex Street near Angel in Islington.
Another of the two together. Look closely because there's some self-portraiture in here.
A little girl with what looks to be a rocket-launcher.
The Queen on a motorcycle
Close up
Windsor Street looking back at Essex Street.
Can you see it? This is about 20 minute walk south of the above pictures in Finsbury. While it's technically part of the London Borough of Islington, it has its own history.That's Rosebery Avenue in the foreground and the Royal Mail Mt. Pleasant Sorting Office to the left.
A bank machine attacking a little girl. That's a glass cover, so apparently its has both supporters and detractors.
Banksy's always cause controversy!
Looking down Rosebery Ave to to Holburn, Westminster & beyond! The frame is to the right.

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