Monday, October 24, 2011

Random Thoughts: October 2011

You may have noticed I haven’t frequented my blog much of late. It has been a busy time and although it has been difficult to write consistently, here are some random thoughts about comics in October 2011. Because a writer writes... 

From Marvel's Alpha Flight #5, December 2011
I begin by expressing my disappointment with Marvel’s decision to end the current run of Alpha Flight at number eight. I know it was not originally planned as an ongoing series, but at Fan Expo in Toronto this August, it was announced the series would continue after eight issues. I know how much Marvel loves Canadians so sales must have really dropped, but it's disappointing none-the-less. If I could quickly offer some advice, I think the story would have been better if it had Alpha Flight working within the wider Marvel Universe. Certainly, Canadians love seeing Toronto, Parliament Hill and Vancouver on the panelled page, but I think it would have reached a wider audience (read American and British readers) if the Flight had left Canada and joined the superhero community for a couple of issues. Of course, this may still happen as we're only at issue 5/8 right now.   

From DC's Justice League #2, December 2011
In happier news, I was very glad to hear DC is bringing Captain Marvel back in a backup story titled The Curse of Shazam in the fifth issue of Justice League. Geoff Johns mentioned this at New York Comic Con and said it would be a reboot(!) of the Marvel Family franchise. In related commentary, Justice League #2 was a much better than #1 and I’m starting to enjoy the fresh and impetuous nature of the characters we’ve met so far. I’m still not sure about the $3.99 price, but it will be much easier to stomach with a Captain Marvel v. Black Adam story. Scroll down  two posts if you want to see how much I like Black Adam.
From Marvel's Uncanny X-Men #544, November 2011
Moving back to Marvel, I’m still not sure who’s camp I’m in with regard to the split we’re about to experience in X-Men. Regenesis was good, as was Uncanny X-Men’s final issue (I loved the nod to Jack Kirby at the beginning!) but I’m still not convinced Logan should be running a school. It just doesn’t seem characteristic!  That said, Beast’s line in Regenesis: 'I'm going to help Logan run a school. By which I mean, I will be actually running the school and Logan will merely have the best office' was great and I’m pleased Hank is heading back to the academy. I plan on reading both sides in the immediate future and will let you know my thoughts as they come up.  

From IDW & DC's Start Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1, October 2011
Finally, I picked up something at Orbital Comics in London this week I didn’t expect: a Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover. It was good and had the Legion group, the mainline Kirk/Spock Star Trek universe, and the AMAZING Mirror Universe which long-time Trekkies will remember from such classic episodes as the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and Deep Space Nine’s ‘Crossover’. As a long-time Trek fan, I am always excited to see the place where Spock had a beard! The Legion of Super-heroes wouldn't have been my first choice for a Star Trek/Comics crossover (I'd love to see Reed Richards work with Spock) but it was a decent establishing story and I’ll probably go back next month to see where it goes. 

He's not really 'Evil Spock'! From the Star Trek episode 'Mirror, Mirror'
So those are some random thoughts about the comic book world in mid-October 2011. Thanks again for visiting and FYI, I’m working on expanding my repertoire with a piece on a classic Arthur C. Clarke novel that should be up soon. Keep an eye on Twitter and blogspot and I’ll chat with you soon.

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  1. CORRECTION: Listening to the fantastic podcast 'Word Balloon' today, I learned from writer Chris Roberson (writer of the DC/IDW Star Trek/Legion crossover) that it is NOT the Mirror Universe of Star Trek but a merged universe which sees all the great things of Star Trek and Legion universes never happening.