Monday, September 5, 2011

Random Reviews: Justice League #1

Well, it’s here! The first of the ‘New 52’, DC’s attempt to boost sales by restarting its entire line-up, arrived on the shelves the past Wednesday with Justice League #1. And while I’m still not convinced this will bring people back en mass to the comics medium, I have to say JL#1 is pretty good and actually has me excited about the next issue. The story is largely a Batman and Green Lantern yarn but gives us a sneak peak at Cyborg and Superman by end, and I have to say Kal-El is looking mighty cool in his newly redesigned outfit.

Indeed, all of the costumes are properly modernized but there’s also a territorial (“Gotham’s mine, Coast City’s Yours”) edge to both Batman and Green Lantern that hearkens back to an earlier separation of the DC world. Lee’s artwork is good and Geoff John’s story, while being almost too reader friendly, held my interest throughout and got me excited for both the next issue and the complete re-launch and I expect to go back next month to some degree. It would have been nice to see DC ‘hold the line at 2.99’ on this book -- if only to give us a few extra pages and make a point of principle for the fans -- but unfortunately that wasn’t the case as this book was $3.99.

(Batman and Green Lantern guard their 'jurisdictions' jealously in Justice League #1, October 2011)

On a related note, we enjoyed speaking with the folks at my local shop (Paradise Comics in Toronto) and it sounds like sales have reflected the hype, which is great for them and the industry.

(Mutual mistrust of Superman in Justice League #1, October 2011)

So while this is clearly an advert for the other 51 books coming out this September, the first of the ‘New 52’ was pretty good and I recommend you pick it up if you still can.

(The new Superman outfit in Justice League #1, October 2011)

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