Thursday, May 19, 2011

SuperSoundtracks #2: Terrax the Tamer and KMFDM

Stories about the Heralds of Galactus are always interesting reads. Some have been exiled to Earth, others fallen hopelessly in love with their employer, and still others have gone off and done some pretty awful things within the larger Marvel Universe. In this, the second edition of Super-Soundtracks, we’re going to discuss a former Herald – a nasty, brutish yet sometimes honourable fellow named Terrax the Tamer.

(Galactus discusses his previous employees in FF #211)

Terrax the Tamer first appeared in Fantastic Four #211 (1979) and was created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne. In the story, the FF find themselves on a quest for a herald for Galactus in yet another attempt to Earth. At first, Terrax is named 'Tyros' and is a nasty city-state dictator with both a mutant-like power to manipulate stone and a less than amicable personality. When this comes to the attention of Galactus (via our protagonists) he is drafted into the service of Big G and given the Power Cosmic.

(Terrax The Tamer is born in FF #211)

Like most Heralds, Terrax eventually rebels and goes freelance. He would return for a number of stories including FF #237, where he assists the Four against the Sphinx, ROM #37 where he would do battle with the Galadorian and Silver Surfer #73 (The Heralds Ordeal) where he helps the Surfer against Galactus and Morg the Executioner.

Terrax the Tamer is mostly malevolent and even when he does the honourable thing (and teams with the Surfer or FF) it's usually done for self interest. So in keeping with these characteristics, the track WGTB has chosen as Terrax’s theme is Godlike by the German Industrial-Metal band, KMFDM. The driving beat, heavy guitar (sampled from a Black Sabbath track) and the brutish, nihilistic and destructive lyrics match our character to a tee. Moreover, and perhaps more appropriately, ‘godlike' is what one becomes when they get they acquire the Power Cosmic so the title fits perfectly. He’s not the most memorable foe to have faced the Fantastic Four or even the most memorable Herald of Galactus, but that’s what makes him a perfect candidate for a Super Soundtrack!

Here it is: Godlike by KMFDM for Terrax the Tamer.

(DISCLAIMER: WGTB’s Legal Department would like to remind you -- DO NOT play this industrial metal song in your workplace. You’ll come across looking a little... maladjusted.)

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