Thursday, April 7, 2011

WGTB pays tribute to the King of Comics!

Your humble blogger has just returned from Hail to the King, an art tribute show and auction at the Resistance Gallery in London. Unfortunately the camera was left at home so I wasn’t able to take any candid shots of the event.

So let my words be the photos! Picture this: an eclectic mix of artists, fans and well-wishers gathered over drinks discussing Jack Kirby while looking at some outstanding tribute art. Sound good? Well, you're right -- it was! Again, I really wish I had an image or two to convey not just the awesomeness of art, but also the interesting people.

WGTB also participated in the auction and ended up purchasing a print-sketch of Fantastic Four #1 by the curator and artist, Jason Atomic. I told Mr. Atomic that I recently started a blog and hopefully we’ll be able to connect for an interview in the near future. In our brief conversation he told me how he started his art career in comics and a little about his affection for Jack Kirby. That would be an interesting conversation and I plan on looking into this for a future posting. Here is the art -- all proceeds will be going to the Jack Kirby Museum. (See the link on WGTB recommends)

So that was it. Truly the King’s legacy is as strong as ever. Have a great night!

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