Thursday, February 17, 2011

Was March 1966...

...the best month for comics? That’s hard to say. But it was quite a month. If I had a time machine, there’s a couple things I'd do. One would be to head back to see the Sex Pistols perform at the Manchester Free Trade Hall on 4 June 1976. There I would have met and partied with Johnny Rotten and future musical legends Morrissey, Ian Curtis, and Tony Wilson.

I might have taken the time machine back to medieval Japan and watched the Tokugawa Shogun take over in 1603. Seeing King John sign Magna Carta would have been a sight as well.

But one thing I'd have really liked is being a Marvel subscriber in February 1966. How awesome would it have been -- after enjoying a decent story on the Inhumans -- turning the page and seeing...

What I wouldn't have given to buy Fantastic Four #48 for only 12 cents! I 'd have bought Thor #126 that month too. Thor v Hercules? What's not to like?!?

(The photo is from my personal copy of Fantastic Four #47)

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